What we offer

We Offer Step By Step Solutions For Hosting Amazing Events And Help Boost ROI’s For Exhibitors.

We‘re proud to be one of NZ’s Leading Event & Exhibition Support Agency.

The Challenge

We know how daunting it can be if you are tasked with either hosting an event or simply wanting to get a positive ROI at your next exhibitor booth.

We have over 20 years of experience as both organisers and suppliers, so we know exactly what is needed to achieve a successful outcome.

We have established many strong key relationships so we can secure very competitive pricing for any event of exhibition collateral or services that you require. Many people love working with us for this reason alone. 

The Solution

We create step by step success blueprints that will:

  • Help you set clear objectives
  • Save you time by focusing on the right things
  • Eliminate the disconnect between sales & marketing
  • Create a realistic budget to get you the right outcome
  • Create clear timelines so nothing gets missed out
  • Help develop powerful lead utilisation and follow up systems
  • Develop create ideas to create memorable events or booths that ‘pop’

We are confident that we will boost your success which is a combination of improved ROI, increase in leads, saving money & time, and eliminating stress.

Our Process

  • Book a discovery call (free)
  • We create a custom plan

It really is that simple. We work with a range of businesses who need either a complete ‘done for you service’ where we fly to any part of NZ or we build a custom success blueprint if you want to take charge and do the heavy lifting yourself with a combination of support from us.


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