How many times have you walked through an exhibition and thought nothing has really captivated you? For me that is quite often and with a change in mind-set and a few simple changes to your current set up you can make a huge difference.

If you really want to captivate your tradeshow attendees, you need to think like your audience. What is in it for them? The more you can do to create an experience for your audience, the more memorable you’ll be.

We experience life through our 5 senses. Life is full of sights, smells, touch, tastes and sounds that we unconsciously connect with emotion. If an experience touches multiple senses, the stronger the memory that is created and the more likely we are to recall that which gave us the experience (positive or negative).

If you want your audience to remember their positive experience with your brand for years to come, you will want to think about all 5 senses and how you can leave a pleasurable memory (not a painful one).....


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